Cookies policy

For your convenience, our site uses cookies mechanism in order to adapt to the needs of service users and for statistical purposes, on the basis of statistics to be able to improve and optimize our services to the needs of users.

A cookie is a small text file sent to your browser from the site. That file holds information provided by our site, which then attempts to load the site again. It is used mainly to "remember" the user settings for later playback.

On our site is running one type of mechanism cookies. A cookie is a so-called "cookie" session, which is used to ensure the maintenance of the state of the user logged on to our site. Umożliwja cart so the maintenance of ordered products.

If you do not express a desire to keeping these files, you must change the settings in your browser. Most browsers are initially set has enabled "cookies". The individual settings when you turn off the engine with a web browser, they will cease to function and will not be available for service.
Please note that the exemption will cease operations and the collection of statistics will not be able to log on to our website and to carry out orders of the products described above.
Disabling cookies in popular browsers.


  • Google Chrome

In the upper right side of the browser, expand the menu "Settings Google Chrome" and further settings. On the settings tab, at the bottom, select "Show advanced settings ...". In the "Privacy", click on "Content Settings". Select the appropriate browser preferences to be remembered.


  • Internet Explorer

From the browser menu (top right): Tools> Internet Options> Privacy, click the Sites button. Adding a site out there that should have blocked the mechanism of "cookies".


  • Mozilla Firefox

Select Tools> Options> Privacy. Activate field Firefox "will use custom settings".
Set "Accept Cookies" according to your needs.


  • Opera

From the browser menu, select "Tools> Preferences> Advanced". On the left, select "Cookies".


  • Safari

In the browser menu, select Preferences and click the privacy. there change the settings according to your needs.